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Global Network of Innovation - Logistics Management and Logistics Optimization

Logistics Management - Wherever you look you will find innovative thinking, changing the world. Look behind the scenes in numerous organisations and you will find the latest technology and products helping run operations and premises efficiently, profitably and safely.

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Everyday our 11,000 employees at worldwide help our partners with automated solutions for the Electronics Industry, Postal Services, Retail and Mail Order Distribution and Baggage Handling/Cargo Systems.

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Visit our Business Units:

Distribution and Industry Electronics Assembly Postal Automation Airport Logistics  

Global Player - Local Support - Material Handling Automation

Material Handling Automation - Logistics and Assembly Systems Limited is the UK arm of , the leading name in Material Handling Automation, Postal Automation and Electronics Assembly Systems.

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We employ 11,000 people in our 11 Research and Development Locations and 15 Product centres worldwide. The UK head office is in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We also have an office in Manchester and over 100 engineers and service staff strategically located accross the UK and Ireland.

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Our business consists of 5 divisions, each active globally:

Distribution and Industry

Logistics software - Offer industry-specific logistics automation solutions for customers in retail and industry. Tailor-made designs include planning for our clients' future growth and flexible software solutions to optimise performance.

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Electronics Assembly Systems

Complete automation solutions together with full service and support capabilities for the elctronics industry.  Our innovative SIPLACE machines have won numerous awards.

Postal Automation

Solutions for courrier, express and parcel service providers as well as letter and packet sortation equipment for customers in the post and parcel sector.  More than 15,000 of our mail sorting systems are in daily use in over 30 countries.

Airport Logistics

Every major airport in the UK depends on baggage-handling systems supplied by .  Airport Logistics provide baggage and air freight handling and associated security systems for customers such as BAA plc in addition to coordinating all our other activities in the airport sector.   

Our Business changed its name from Dematic to Logistics and Assembly Systems in October 2004.

Our new name represents closer integration into Plc and a great opportunity for us to share best practices with other business segments.

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Dematic is being kept on as a brand name so you will still see the name Dematic on our Distribution and Industry products.

Logistics and Assembly Systems in the US Distribution and Industry Postal Automation Electronics Assembly Systems - SIPLACE Airport Logistics

  Integrated Logistics: Optimisation of Return on Investment

Warehouse Logistics - The Distribution and Industry Division will provide a comprehensive analysis of your logistics processes from manufacturing, through storage and on to delivery. We will work in close partnership with you in order to provide the optimum solution for your operation, a solution which will enhance your business potential and reduce your overall costs.

Products Overview - Distribution and Industry Stacker cranes, AS/RS Modular assembly conveyor system Modular assembly profile system Automated guided vehicles (AGV) Electric suspension monorails Sorters Conveying systems light Conveying systems heavy High-bay warehouses Order-picking systems Logistics IT

As a global market leader with an impressive track record, we tailor effective service support packages individual to you

Long-term partnerships with our customers provide excellent support and a significant return on your investment. Regardless of which manufacturer supplies the equipment or components, we cover all areas to provide you with a streamlined one-stop-shop.

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Logistics & Assembly Systems unveils high performance automated dispensing system

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