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Logistics Automation & Logistics optimization - Distribution and Industry Logistics offers individual logistics solutions and logistics automation for various industry sectors for the area of distribution and industry logistics.

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Logistics Management & Solutions - mp;A optimizes logistics systems for production and distribution operations utilizing engineered solutions that include process improvement, material handling automation, software, and controls.

State of the art logistics: Logistics and Assembly Systems

Our customers face demanding challenges, for which there are no off-the-shelf solutions. If you want to hold your ground amidst growing competition and gain a decisive advantage, you need complete, innovative solutions. Our goal is to fulfill all of your individual requirements as precisely as possible. We strive to acheive this goal each and every day.

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Material Handling Automation - Material Handling System

Material Handling Automation - We study the special characteristics of your business down to the smallest detail. Our experts have a profound knowledge of virtually every sector in the industry. From planning to simulation, from financing to starting up the plant. Thanks to our applied knowledge of all the relevant processes, your project will be implemented quickly, reliably, and economically. So what makes different? We insist on a trusting and mutual exchange of information and know-how from the outset—and the final result will be outstanding. Contact us now — we'll be listening closely.  

We offer solutions for the following logistics processes:

  distribution trade (wholesale / retail) industry e-commerce production chemistry/pharma assembly technology airport   parcel and freight transport automobile industry electronics industry engine manufacturer gear manufacturer postal services airport cargo and security automotive warehousing logistics automation, automation, logistics solutions, warehouse, high-bay warehouse, stacker cranes, material handling system, material handling products, material flow, distribution logistics, industry logistics, intralogistics, logistic processes, logistics management, logistics software, logistics services, automated logistics solutions, logistics solution, logistics consulting, storage solutions, material handling system, material handling automation, storage systems, logistics system, automated logistics system, logistics management software  

We offer logistics solutions for the following industries and logistics processes: Automotive Conveyor, warehousing systems Assembly technology, transfer system Electronics, Electronic technology Automated small part warehouse Warehouse and factory logistics Retail, wholesale and mail order Integrated distribution centers Post, CEP services, logistics service providers Railroad freight transfer Third-party contract logistics companies Process industry, logistics systems Chemicals and pharmaceuticals Food and beverages  

Logistics consulting and logistics services

Logistics consulting and logistics services - Offering services — for us, this means more than just maintenance and spare parts. The services we offer you can be split into two major areas: technical operation and support services. Our life cycle management strategy ensures your plant availability and increases productivity, which in turn cuts your operating costs. This holistic approach — comprehensive support through all life cycle phases, from the planning and installation and technical operation of a plant through to its disassembly — guarantees you optimum life cycle return. By exploiting cross-project synergies operating costs can be cut. Networked installation and service expertise reduces risks and increases the productivity of your plant. Just as you wish to satisfy your customers always and at any time, so we are keen to provide you with maximum product reliability and minimum failure rates during normal operation. For these purposes, we have a dedicated team that provides all operational and maintenance services — round the clock on 365 days of the year, if required.

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Support services - Warehousing Management

Of course, we also offer you the whole range of support services depending on your individual requirements: a demand-specific maintenance schedule with corresponding service intervals, hotline and on-call services with defined response times, spare parts logistics and "your" local service team in your vicinity provide you with the security that you need for the operation of your plant. By offering training courses for your staff before and after startup, you can be sure of having everything under control at all times. Whether it's a question of technical operation or support services, both are important ways of helping you to achieve maximum plant availability and to optimize operating costs. In this way service becomes an important part of profitability — tell us what you need!   logistics automation warehouse logistics solutions high-bay warehouse stacker cranes material handling system material handling products material flow distribution logistics industry logistics intralogistics logistic processes logistics management logistics software logistics services automated logistics solutions logistics solution logistics consulting material handling system storage solutions material handling automation storage systems logistics system automated logistics system logistics management software conveyor system conveying system assembly technology process flow worldwide logistics services integrated logistics solution distribution control systems  

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