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Material Handling Automation: Logistics and Assembly Systems

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Logistics and Assembly Systems is specialized in material handling automation, postal automation and electronics assembly systems and has one goal: to increase its customers' life cycle return. An all-embracing analysis of logistics processes, from manufacture and storage through to delivery to the customer, offers the greatest potential for reducing costs in economic terms. The division Distribution and Industry from is the right partner to solve such tasks. Logistics and Assembly Systems is your expert and reliable partner for planning and building complete logistics solutions.

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So what makes different? We insist on a trusting and mutual exchange of information and know-how from the outset—and the final result will be outstanding. You will always receive a technically perfect solution which is profitable in every way—for the whole life cycle of the plant. Test us against this claim. Contact us now—we'll be listening closely.

Material handling systems

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Logistics and Assembly Systems is an engineering company specializing in material handling system automation. We design, manufacture and install automated material handling systems that address the business needs and logistics requirements of your company. We customarily operate as a business partner and system integrator, handling the entire implementation process for (and with) our clients. Today, customers are achieving the benefits of our solutions in more than 10,000 system installations worldwide. MATERIAL HANDLING AUTOMATION material handling system logistics systems We offer products and solutions for: material handling automation,material handling system,logistics management,logistics software,logistics services, automated logistics solutions, logistics consulting, storage solutions, material flow,material flow systems,conveyor systems, conveyor installations,storage systems,automated logistics systems,logistics management software, conveyor system, conveying systems, assembly systems, assembly technology, inventory control software,inventory control systems,assembly conveyors,warehouse management software,mechatronics,warehousing logistics,warehouse logistics,supply chain planning,supply chain logistics management,integrated logistics support,process flow,worldwide logistics services,control software,control technology,integrated logistics solution,global logistics provider,distribution control systems,profile systems,industry logistics,transport systems,buffer systems,logistics planning,transfer systems,production automation,material flow automation,spare parts logistics,logistics simulation,logistics specialist,logistics optimization,high-bay stores,storage and retrieval machines,electric suspension monorails,conveyor roller,modular section syste,MAPS,logistics IT solutions,material flow technology,material flow systems etc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 2